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Looking for an experienced electrician to handle an electric vehicle charging point installation in Sheffield or the surrounding areas? Look no further than Merlx.

Whether you are looking for single or multiple point systems, wall mounted or ground deployment solution we are able to design and install your bespoke solution. The importance of right training and competence of our staff is paramount to us. All our engineers are properly qualified and hold relevant City and Guilds qualifications. Each installation is always conducted along BS7671 and IET’s Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation requirements.

Charging from a standard plug takes longer and is not safe

It has been estimated that on average over 80% of all charging activities takes place at home. It is wise then to have a unit installed in the convenience of your own house. Most electric car manufacturers recommend that you do not use a standard 13 amp socket for charging your electric car at home for safety reasons. Using traditional 3-pin plug not only allows charging at a significantly reduced rate, around 10-12 hours to fully recharge a battery, it also has a detrimental effect on household electrical wiring. Your electric vehicle load is more like your electric oven, which is on a separate heavy duty circuit in your house, rather than your kettle which can be plugged in anywhere.

Utilising purposely installed equipment at home from a dedicated supply is the safest and most reliable option to recharge your vehicle offering 3-4 hours recharge cycle. Domestic charge points often come with a tethered cable, so there is always a connecting lead waiting for you when you need it.

Different cars, different connectors

In the same way you know if your car is petrol or diesel, you’ll know what sort of connector types work with your car. There are two versions across all manufacturers. Type 1 – also known as J1772 has mainly been adopted in non-European cars like Nissan or Mitsubishi. Other vehicles come with IEC62196-2 connector what is commonly known as Type 2. You can always contact Merlx Electrical Services and one of our dedicated and qualified technical support staff will be able to advise on your requirement.

In a domestic setting we have generally a choice of two models. Either 16amp or 32amp, both of which can be installed in tethered or untethered version. During our pre installation survey our engineer will explain all benefits of having various units as some might be better suited then others.

Quality and Safety of Installation

As with everything else the quality and safety of installation lies in hands of your installer. It’s worth spending time on research when choosing your contractor. Installing hundreds of charging points to commercial and domestic customers every year, Merlx Electrical Services strive to deliver the best customer service and care – leaving you with the most reliable and robust service and product.

Charging at Work
With most daily commutes coming in at under twenty miles, getting an electric car could prove to finance feasible. You can arrive at work, pop it on charge, and have it fully charged in time for your drive home.
We have seen a significant increase in business installing charge points for their staff and visitors. Although there are no Government subsidies for private sector workplaces, the installation is generally straightforward and cost effective as the unit can be shared between staff. If you own an electric vehicle we can talk to your boss about having unit installed for you and your colleagues.

Chris was easy to contact and messaged back quickly to arrange a convenient time. He arrived on time and was friendly/professional and efficient at fitting a replacement light in my living room. I would happily hire again.

I needed some second fix works carrying out including sockets for appliances and a couple of light fittings installed including 4 spotlights. Chris was unable to install the sockets because the wall was lined with plywood (I did not make Chris aware of this) Chris did however successfully install the socket for the fire and fit the two light fittings in the dining room and landing. The spotlights in the kitchen were fitted but it doesn’t appear a hole saw was used on the newly plastered ceiling and there has been a LOT of making good to do (plaster repairs) around the fittings which isn’t ideal.


If you have need of an electrician, look no further. Arrived within the hour, professional, courteous and was able to complete other jobs as requested. Cannot recommend him enough, top of his profession and wouldn’t hesitate to employ in the future.

He was punctual, polite and tidied up when he had finished, he even made a fuss of our little dog! We were having our cooker connected, having just moved in. I thought the price was a bit steep at £45, considering he was only here for ten, fifteen minutes, but appreciate that it is quite probably the going rate for the job, and we needed it doing ASAP. We would definitely ask him again if we need anything else doing, but I would get a couple of other quotes as well.


Be proud, make it stand out

For many businesses and their staff or visitors EV charging is a completely new service. Merlx Electrical Services can install an embedded signs to the tarmac or other driveway services in order to ensure that only EV vehicles using this space. Contact us today to see how we can improve your charging facilities. Feel free to browse our electrical services.

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